Protenders Training

Protenders Bartending School

Protenders is one of North America’s top Bartending Schools as well as Top Special Events staffing agencies.
Protenders has been in operation since 2001 and has produced some of the top selling and top
entertaining Bartenders and Events in Canada and the USA.

Welcome to Protender’s Bartending School!

We’re here to show you the difference between a bartender and Protender!

Our instructors have over 10 years experience behind the bar and in competition bartending. Also, our instructors currently Protend to keep current on the latest techniques and moves as the course is ever evolving. Here is a little taste of what we offer:

Small Groups:

In order for you to get the training you deserve and for us to achieve the high standards we set for you, we limit our class size to 20-35 students only. With a small group you will benefit from a variety of
specially designed practice sessions and receive the personalized attention and practice time you need.

Hands-on Program:

Every student is guaranteed lots of practice in every class. As the course progresses, practice time becomes longer, more exciting, and more challenging. By the end of the course, you will have developed your speed and the ability to handle multiple cocktails, while incorporating fluid motion. We train you to become a complete bartender – an Absolute Protender

Speed Training & Upselling:

This portion of the course is designed to perfect your techniques, increase your bar speed and to
eliminate bad bar bad habits. All in the goal to make you a more complete, faster, smoother, and high
selling bartender. Whether it’s getting a big order out or handling high volume crowds, we’ll teach you how to do it.



Flair Bartending – Protender’s style:

Any bartender can make a rum and coke – a Protender can make a rum and coke faster and with a little style. Flair bartending definitely entertains and it gets the crowd involved. With happy customers, your sales, tips and repeat customers will increase.

Since the release of the movie Cocktail staring Tom Cruise, flair bartending has really taken off. The movie sparked interest of many bartenders and future bartenders, many of whom copied the flair moves. But the movie only scratched the surface of flair bartending.

Protenders Bartending School has put together a program that teaches you a wide variety of flair moves using all bar tools and equipment available to you during a normal bar shift (glasses, bottles, shakers, lemons, limes, straws etc.). By the end of the course you will have learned over 60 moves that you can start using to make money right away! Also included are moves with a partner for real, eye popping, crowd pleasing moves that we are constantly adding to our repertoire. By course end our students are capable of putting a routine together while preparing one or more cocktails.

Our goal is to give the best hands-on guide in understanding how a career in bartending really works. Other Bartending schools will take a month and teach you what is in a screwdriver, and the contents of a rum and coke. At Protenders, we cover this as well but we believe this is only scratching the surface of what you need to know to make big dollars behind the bar. Remember a cook book doesn’t make you a chef, its the skill involved! Note of caution, flair does not mean that spillage is permitted. All flair moves can be done, its just learning the right way to do it!

Learn Tips and Techniques to start making more money on the floor and behind the Bar Today.

Protender’s Graduates see a 25% increase in Tips and 30 % increase in sales immediately after taking the course.
You can learn to be the top seller on your Bar in just 4 weeks! Higher sale= higher tips, Higher sales= Better shifts, Better Shifts = Better Tips.

If you already are a bartender we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If we don’t increase your tips by 25% during the course you can have your money back.

Learn the ART of Flair Bartending; Over 60 moves on how to flip and spin everything; 1 & 2 bottle combinations, shakers, glassware and much more. Learn to entertain your customers using everyday items you find behind the bar. (Magic tricks included!)